Chihuahua Print Scarves

I found these adorable scarves on Amazon. They have a beautiful subtle Chihuahua print on them. They come in 5 different colors in pink, blue, aqua, white and gray! They are available online Here:
Click Here to Purchase
It is starting to sell out at that link above. So it if is not available there, you can purchase it here:

Happy 7th Birthday Manny!

Wow! I can't believe that Manny is 7 years old already! Lucky for him, his coloring is already grey, so you can't see the grey hairs hehe

He got to celebrate his birthday with some homemade cheesy eggs and a doggy cake that his friend, Izabeaux brought for everyone.
Everyone enjoyed their treats! Here's a video of them eating them in high-speed:

Happy birthday, Manny Sweet Boy. We love you!!

How to Get Manny Out from Under a Blanket

Now that's it's getting colder out, Manny is always under the blankets. It's tough to get him to come out... We will call his name over and over and he won't come out... But treats usually do the trick.

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