Easy Do-It-Yourself Snuggle Sack for Dogs

Manny has a love for snuggle sacks. He will jump right into a snuggle sack and won't come out until it's time to eat dinner or get a treat! Manny also has a favorite blanket he loves to burrow it. It's a really soft blanket that we got from their doggy friends, Osito and Olivia.  I got the idea that I could make the into a snuggle sack easily!

The one side of the baby blanket is really soft cuddly material, and the other side of it has a pretty patterned cotton. I folded the blanket in half by bringing the corners of the long sides together. I folded it in half so the softer side was on the outside:

I then used the sewing machine to sew one inch in along the one long edge and across the short edge. There was only a need to sew the two edges because of folded part of the blanket. I then flipped it inside out and it was done. I folded down the top of the blanket, this can make the opening easier for dogs to go into it:

 Notice that Manny is yawning because he's tired:

Manny is crawling into his snuggle sack:

He's almost all the way in:

Now he's ready to sleep!!

This is a VERY easy project for you to do. I've found similar blankets to this at Target. I'm sure you can find other blankets at many other stores! Good luck!


You are so crafty

From someone who has a Chihuahua who likes to tunnel under the cover (I swear I don't know how they breathe), I'm so excited to do this. Great idea! You should sell these!

What a great idea. Simple and perfect for my bald kitties who always burrow just like Manny :)

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