Product Review: Leba III

Chico has always had horrible fishy breath and brown stains on his teeth. I had tried many different products to try to make his breath better and keep his teeth clean to prevent having to bring him in to the vets to be put under for a teeth cleaning.

After spending lots of money trying different products on him and not having them work, I finally found  Leba III. I saw that the price of Leba III was higher than the other products, so I was reluctant to buy it at first in fear that it would be another product that didn't work. So I started to do some research. I found countless numbers of people giving Leba III fantastic reviews. So I decided it was worth trying it out. Plus, it is approximately an 8 month supply and is MUCH cheaper and safer than going for a dental.

I looked around to try to find the cheapest price out there. I found it for the cheapest on G.W. Little. It is currently on sale for $49.99. I also contacted Customer Service at G.W. Little and found out that the top dog at G.W. Little, Peluche, had such great results from Leba III that even her owner, Angela, was trying it out on her human teeth for teeth whitening results! That is when I was sold on the product.

When I got the Leba III, I started out giving Chico 2 sprays a day. I gave it to him at least a half hour before or after eating or drinking anything. This is because the Leba III has natural herbs in it that stimulate the enzymes in the mouth and change the chemistry of it. Chico didn't mind the taste of it because it barely has a taste. I do have to open his mouth to spray it in. It was a little bit of a struggle at first, but as he got used to the daily routine, he became ok with it.

Within the first 3 days I saw a difference in his teeth. There were less brown stains, his teeth looked whiter, and his breath was smelling a lot better (see photos below). I was amazed. I was also able to use my nail to scratch off some of the staining.

I continued the process over the next few months. I cut Chico down to 1 spray a day after about a month and a half. He has not accumulated any new stains since he began Leba III and his breath is so much better. I saw the most significant difference in his mouth over the first few weeks. But I can see that the Leba III is continuing to work on breaking away the stains and keeping away with the bad breath.

I'm really happy with my results with Leba III and will continue to use it. I would like to try it out on Bebe too now that I have seen how well it has worked on Chico.


You can see the full album of pictures here:


Thank you for this!!! I have been looking for something to help and have tried a lot. I just went and ordered! Funny how I have never heard of it before and we are in the industry.
Thanks again!

I might have to try this stuff on Lady and Einstein. They both have problems with their teeth.

thanks nikki.. This info was really helpful!.. Dr. Pepper too has teeth issues.. im def condering the leba..

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