Doggy Latte from Starbucks

I bet you never knew that you could get a doggy latte at Starbucks! Well, you can! You just have to ask!! Most of the Starbucks have never heard of it before, so you may have to explain what a doggy latte is. A doggy latte is simply steamed foamed milk in a short Starbucks cup. I let it cool off a bit before I give it to the doggies.
My dogs love it so much! (Just make sure not to give your dogs too much of it because they can get diarrhea since most dogs, like myself, are lactose intolerant.)  I think that they see me drinking my Starbucks so they want to be cool like their Mommy and have one too! I've found the staff at every Starbucks is friendly, so they should have no problem making one for your doggy too!


Hi, does Starbucks let you take your Chi's inside?

Oh nummers, I want whip cream on mine as well.

how much was it?

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