Thanksgiving NJ Chihuahua Meetup

Today was the annual Thanksgiving NJ Chihuahua Meetup. We got to socialize with all our friends and the dogs cot to play with their Chihuahua friends.

Some dogs like to play at the meetup:
While other dogs like to sleep:
But no matter what the dogs do, a fun time is always had by all!

As you can see in the pic at the top of the blog, Bebe dressed as a turkey in her Linda Higgins dress and Posh Pooch Designs hat. We also had dogs dressed up as pilgrims at the meetup too!
Here's Luna and Tonka in their outfits made by Tammy Peace:
Django wore his pilgrim outfit made by his dad:
Tammy made her delicious doggy cake like she always does. You can tell the dogs know that it's cake time!
Bebe and Monte are the biggest pigs when it comes to cake time. They will push dogs out of the way to steal chunks of cake and licks of icing. Monte ended up with icing all over his face! It was the funniest thing. Look at the crazed look he gets in his eyes from the yummy cake too!
Our next meetup will be December 12th for the Holidays. We will be celebrating Bebe's birthday next month too!


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