Snuggle Beds from Jess & Co Canine Couture

Black Animal Print Snuggle Bed from Jess & Co Canine Couture
We have been looking for a new bed for the dogs. In my hunt, we found out about this beautiful faux fur snuggle bed from Jess & Co Canine Couture. We had found out about this company when we went to Super Zoo. I had fallen in love with their products at their booth and even won an adorable crystal shirt!
Haute Pink Tank from Jess & Co Canine Couture
 We got the snuggle bed in the black animal print faux fur type material. But it also comes in the following colors: chocolate chinchilla,  watermelon chinchilla, and white shag. It is made from super soft material that I immediately fell in love with as soon as  felt it. It reminds me of a really cuddly teddy bear that I had as a child. Manny fell in love with it right away too. I could barely get it out of the box before he wanted to check it out and jump into it. Him and Monte had to beg for who got to go into it first.
Monte jumping up in the air asking to go into the snuggle bed first.
Once Manny got into the snuggle bed, he started to snooze. The bed is so soft and isn't stiff, so it's easy for him to mold the bed around his body. It also comes with a ribbon so you can make the opening smaller or loosen it larger.
Manny sleeping with the opening tightened up
Chico is different than Manny. He prefers to lay on top of the bed. I guess with his long coat, he doesn't like to snuggle under blankets as much as smooth coat Manny. But he definitely appreciates the softness and cushion of having the snuggle bed under him.
Chico relaxing on the snuggle bed from Jess & Co Canine Couture
The bed is nice and deep. Bebe is a burrower. So when she curl up inside of it she stays nice and warm and is surrounded by the softness of the interior fabric.
Bebe burrowed deep inside the snuggle bed
We are totally in love with this snuggle bed from Jess & Co Canine Couture. I am so glad we got it because I couldn't tell how soft it was from the pictures. I think I'm going to have to order a few more for the other dogs since they are always wanting to get into the one.

If you would like to order one, there are a few different options for you:

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