Dog Bone Wreath

I went to the craft fair with my Mom this morning. It's one of the largest in the area with over 250 tables! There were so many great products there. But of course I had my eyes peeled for dog products. There weren't much other then some dog treats here and there. But then I saw these Milk Bone wreaths. Of course I had to buy one for our house!

The bones are edible because they are attached by yarn rather than glued on. The woman in line in front of me got it for a friend's dog as a Christmas gift.
 There is a criss-cross pattern to the yarn. I looked online to try to find instructions, but couldn't find any. I'm sure if I got some yarn, milk bones and large sturdy paper plates, I could figure out how to make one. If I do, I'll let you all know!

The other thing I loved about this wreath is that a portion of the proceeds was donated to the University of Pennsylvania Canine Cancer Research.


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